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About the company

«Avangard Stroy Trest» Ltd. is an energetically and productively developing company in the market of building engineering systems in the North-West region of Russia. Since 2001 the company has been offering its services in the decision of the spectrum of problems of the fuel and energy complex:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Modernization
  • Commissioning and service work
  • Production of self-supporting pipes
  • Metal constructions of various purposes
  • Heating and engineering systems

Company's goal is the maximum realization of opportunities of heating and power technologies and an achievement high-tech and efficient solutions in the construction of the heating power with the capacity up to 150 MW.

To achieve this goal "Avangard Stroy Trest" has the following tasks:

  • a thorough study of the needs of the heat supply organization’s owner;
  • detailed design and survey research;
  • making advanced architectural and functional and technological solutions;
  • approval of solutions in engineering support to assess the economic feasibility of the construction and the reconstruction of heat and power object;
  • the use of modern automated control systems and process control in the construction of heating objects.

In its development of "Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd. relies on a holistic approach to issues energy efficiency, the use of environmentally sound technologies in power and conservation of natural resources. These values dictate the following principles of the company:

  • unity and collective agreement
  • non-standard approach
  • responsibility
  • rationality and validity
  • quality and timeliness
  • the safety and reliability

The company is competent in the implementation of all stages of the technology cycle: from conducting survey research to commissioning operating organizations followed guarantee and service.
Structure of the company includes its own design department, technical and industrial engineering departments, NDP, service and warranty services. The company "Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd.’s staff is composed of experienced technicians and highly qualified production personnel. The interaction of structural units of the company at all stages of the project suggests the successful work, qualitative and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations.

"Avangard Stroy Trest” Ltd. is open to partnership proposals from the companies interested in establishing of long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation and overcoming of new horizons in the field of industrial power engineering.

Компания ООО «Авангард Строй Трест» обладает всеми необходимыми лицензиями и разрешениями для производства работ.