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Products and services

"Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd. provides a wide range of services in the field of production of heat and power equipment and boiler construction - from design and project coordination in the supervision of public bodies to entering the facility into operation with subsequent warranty and after- warranty services.


* Full constructed (built "turnkey") stationary boilers
Stationary boilers are designed for heating of communities of housing estates, complexes of residential, public and industrial buildings. Gas is used as the main fuel, diesel fuel supply is alert. Stationary boilers are fully automated and operate on any type of fuel (including liquefied natural gas, heavy fuel oil grades, M-100, waste oils and crude oil) without the constant presence of staff. Work data comes to a single control room, and basing on these data the controller controls the operation of facilities. Automated Control System is designed to provide an excellent process control, implementation of the diagnostic capabilities of equipment condition, archiving of the parameters, the formation of tables and trends, the automation of work scope to document personnel’s actions and system malfunctions.

* Modular boilers of factory assembly
Automated gas boilers. Emergency fuel supply is diesel. Modular boilers are modular buildings and are delivered to the site in the form of blocks of maximum factory assembly. Modular boilers are operational tested on the premises, which allows to minimize installation time and commissioning on site. Boilers run on any type of fuel (including liquefied natural gas, heavy fuel oil grades, M-100, waste oils and crude oil) without the constant presence of staff, thus reducing operating costs.


* IHU and CHU
Heating units include a range of facilities for distribution of heat coming from the heating network to consumers. Heating units are delivered fully assembled, equipped with plate heat exchangers, pumps, devices for automatic control, pressure gauges, thermometers (thermomanometers) and all the necessary shut-off and control valves. Depending on the wishes and possibilities of the customer both imported and domestically produced Hardware can be used.
The heating unit allows you to:
  • provide automatic control of the flow temperature graph supplied to the heating system, hot water, ventilation and air conditioning, taking into account the outside temperature, time of day and other factors;
  • control units and devices in automatic and manual modes;
  • optimize the heat demand of the building (industrial, administrative, residential) by establishing an individual schedule;
  • maintain an operability of the object’s heating system in critical or emergency operation modes of heat supply network.


Using this technique allows us to solve environmental issues relating to natural resource conservation, pollution, emissions into the atmosphere. Installation of fuel oil unloading without the use of steam eliminates condensation and, consequently, the discharge into the sewer.
Module operation is based on the flow at the necessary pressure of the heated to the estimated temperature product inside the tank with the simultaneous evacuation of product from the tank - i.e. recycling of the product between the tank and the module. The module is designed for high-speed automated autonomous heating and drainage of viscous oil products from railway tanks.


Extensive technical and production base of "Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd. allows any non-standard projects with the development of metal constructions exploded (MCE, considering the wishes of the customer.
Production areas, which are over 5,000 m2, are equipped with overhead cranes with lifting capacity up to 30 tons, spray and shot cameras, the necessary modern equipment to manufacture metal frameworks for various purposes.
"Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd. produces:
  • industrial buildings from metal frameworks (hangars, pavilions, multipurpose warehouses, industrial buildings and structures, etc.);
  • modular constructions;
  • chimneys of various diameters up to 60 m of following types:
    • self-supporting chimneys (nestable);
    • frame designed chimneys (square, triangular cross-section).
    • Production of chimneys is carried out according to standard and special projects. High-quality stainless steel is used as the material.
  • steel frames for railway carriages;
  • the site for the equipment;
  • air overpass;
  • roofing beams;
  • girders for any purpose;
  • columns;
  • tanks for different purposes.


"Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd. carries out production of the following metal products for the Customer’s projects:
  • hardware of large and medium sizes;
  • silencers (plate and cylinder);
  • complex air treatment plants GPA-16, which is used in the gas-producing plants;
  • blocks, mines, silencers for gas turbine power plants.

The company offers its services in delivery and unloading of manufactured products.


The company "Avangard Story Trust" has a serious experience in the design, renovation, construction, engineering systems, the implementation of major repairs, landscaping and road works. The company is competent in the successful coordination of project documentation and approvals in the relevant inspection bodies, which allows you to perform these works qualitatively and in the shortest possible time. "Avangard Stroy Trest» Ltd. solves complex of problems in the construction of the following engineering systems:

* Heating system
- installation of individual and central heating units, intra-house engineering services (CES, hot water, cold-water, sewage, electricity), connection to the existing engineering networks, documenting connections from getting the design assignment to sign the agreement to use the services of energy -, heat -, water -, gas suppliers.

* Heating networks
- installation of heat inputs, distributional, intra-and trunk pipelines.

* Water supply
- installation of water meter units, individual entries and intra aqueducts.

* Sewerage
- installation of issues in the existing sewers, longitudinal drainage, intra-network prior up to joining a street of household and storm sewer.

* Electric power supply
- installation and commissioning of electrical networks of industrial plants and heating facilities.

* Gas supply
- installation of external and internal gas pipelines of low and medium pressure with diameter up to 300 mm;
- of automatic control systems and protection of the object.

"Avangard Stroy Trest" Ltd.’s long-term experience in the construction of heat power objects is distinguished by its use of modern technology, which solves issues of ecology and natural resource conservation, the use of high-performance materials, process automation, as well as the professionalism and high production standards, as suggests the successful implementation of projects, in particular in the area of the historical building in St.Petersburg.